Rotator Cuff Repair in Jacksonville

An older man getting his shoulder massaged.

Many people injure their shoulders simply from overuse, such as when cleaning their house. Misplacement could normally be dealt with cautiously if you are over 40. If you are under 40 years of age, Dr. Michael Jerome Lord has a solution for you, also: if even with a suggested enhancing programs the shoulder is constantly unpredictable, he could mend and also tighten its tablet.

Whatever your scenario, Dr. Michael J. Lord could aid you to discover a remedy.

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For finest alleviation, and also avoidance of later movement and also following joint inflammation, fully-torn potter’s wheel cuffs normally call for mini-incision or arthroscopic repair work. Little, partially torn ligaments generally reply to cortisone treatments.

Dr. Michael J. Lord has more than 25 years of encounter in managing shoulder discomfort and also injuries to the shoulder.

For immediate help with rotator cuff Jacksonville doctor Michael Lord stands ready to help.