Couture and a Picnic Basket Luxury Set

The Couture Collection Willow Picnic Basket Set

The word couture comes from an old French word related to sewing and dressmaking. Today it is often related to fashion, particularly clothes. While this relationship more accurately matches the word, it has come to be associated merely with style, as well. What else has it been applied to? Picnics Deluxe Picnic Basket Set s use it. One of their product titles is the “Couture Collection Willow Picnic Basket Set”, in their Luxury category. I must say, this basket is fashionable, if you can call it that. Crafted well of dark willow on the outside, with a striped interior, it can help you take pleasure in dining outdoors while being well equipped and feeling stylish, as well. It provides enough silverware and dishes for the average American family of four, and will even keep your drink bottle cool with a lined cooler bag with insulation. Do you have any great picnic memories? Let us know in the comments.