Blazebold on Social Media

Rectangular natural gas fire-pit from Blazebold.

Blazebold Luxury Firepits , mentioned in this previous article , has just opened social media profiles on all of the major networks. You can follow their Facebook profile here: . Have you started shopping for an outdoor fire pit for your home yet?

We are officially one month into winter today, and here in Florida it’s actually pretty warm. The evenings have been cool, though, and some nights feel down-right cold (to a warm-hearted Florida sweetheart like me anyway hehehe.) So, the weather is right for getting the friends together for a bonfire barbecue. Or…if we want to fancy things up a bit, a Blazebold luxury fire pit might be just our ticket. They have square, round, you name it, so there’s a look for every taste. And if you’re interested in their Twitter account, here’s that, too: .